Krogerfeedback – Official Kroger Feedback Survey

Why does Kroger conduct a KrogerFeedback survey?

Krogerfeedback – In order to better serve its customers, Kroger is continually looking for new ways to interact with them. Kroger intends to discover ways to better meet the needs of its consumers by conducting surveys.

Visit to take part in a unique customer feedback survey that targets eliciting candid opinions about in-store and online experiences from participating Kroger network members. After every month’s Kroger shopping, customers who take the time to fill out the Kroger Customer Survey have a chance to win a gift card valued at $100 to $500.

Take KrogerFeedback Survey

Krogerfeedback - Official Kroger Feedback Survey

Krogerfeedback – Official Kroger Feedback Survey

Anyone who has shopped at Kroger and would want to share their thoughts can do so by filling out their customer satisfaction survey. Right away, the survey wants to know what you’ve purchased from their shop. There are several plausible responses to this question; the survey will proceed based on the one you choose.

As part of the survey, they could ask you to score different parts of your purchasing experience. An extremely positive and low-scoring choice is “Highly Satisfied,” while the other alternatives range from “Highly Dissatisfied” to “Very Dissatisfied,” representing the extreme ends of the potential experience scale.

Customers often ask about the store’s atmosphere, employees, products, and pricing. inquiries about your purchases will be asked along with department-specific inquiries. For example, if you were to bring up the fact that you were in the market for dairy items, you may anticipate inquiries regarding the friendliness, cost, and calibre of their dairy section.

Depending on the question, you may be asked to select multiple-choice or fill in the blank. To illustrate, if “highly dissatisfied” was your initial response, you could be requested to provide more details about your decision as the poll nears its conclusion. Any feedback you have about your purchase, good or bad, is welcome. Since you are limited in the number of characters you may use, it is best to get right to the point.

Gifts and rewards

Winners will be announced at random from among all eligible participants in the Kroger Feedback Sweepstakes and the 50 Fuel PT Bonus Survey

  • Five Thousand Kroger Gift Cards One thousand thousand Kroger gift cards
  • Kroger may provide you fifty bonus fuel points.
  • Discover the Extra Points Gas Bonus at Kroger!

Krogerfeedback - Official Kroger Feedback Survey

When you use these coupons in Kroger grocery shops, you may earn four times the number of Kroger pharmacy coupons plus extra fuel points! Six hundred Kroger 5,000 gift cards were awarded to the winners monthly. One hundred dollars’ worth of Kroger gift cards will be awarded monthly to the first place winner.

Rules and regulations

  • Participation in the Kroger Survey is open to all U.S. residents (except those in Florida, New York, and Rhode Island).
  • To participate, you need to be a legal resident of the United States, at least 18 years old, and possess a recent receipt from a Kroger store.
  • Everyone taking part must have a Kroger invitation code.
  • Participation is contingent upon all participants possessing basic literacy skills in either English or Spanish as well as possession of an Internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • The official Kroger Customer Survey is only open to those residing in the United States.
  • You need to be 18 or older to participate in the Kroger Review.
  • Each Member is limited to one participation per month.
  • You will have 7 days from the time of publishing to redeem the discount code for the Kroger survey.
  • To take part and get your prize, you need the survey code.
  • One survey can be filled out for each set of receipts.
  • No member of the Kroger family or staff is a voter.

How to take part in the Kroger Feedback survey

Krogerfeedback - Official Kroger Feedback Survey

  • Step two is to recall the exact location of the Kroger store where you just made a transaction.
  • Third, using the time and date stamp, input the entry ID and the same information as shown on the receipt.
  • The fourth step is to select an item from the list. Frozen foods, organic meat and fish, bread and dairy products are among these.

Next, rank the element that made you happiest from 1 to 5. In terms of happiness, a 1 would be very happy, and in terms of sorrow, a 5 would be quite sad. In order to proceed, simply click the “Next” button.

Think about how clean the store is, how kind the employees are, and how well they keep things in working order before making a decision. Products of superior quality sometimes come with a heavy price tag.

In the following question, please provide as much detail as possible on any issues you had throughout the whole purchasing process.

At this stage, provide suggestions. Even the most little, unimportant evaluations can have a major impact on a company’s public perception of its products and services.

When you make a purchase at Kroger, they will ask for your card information so you may redeem your rewards for gasoline points. If a customer loyalty card is not available, this form must be filled out with the following information: full name, street address, city, state, ZIP code, mobile phone number, and email address. In order to get in touch with the winners, you’ll need this information.

Notes: Krogerfeedback

Krogerfeedback - Official Kroger Feedback Survey

About Kroger company

The original Kroger feedback shop was founded in Cincinnati in 1883 by Bernard Kroger. The United States is home to the Kroger grocery store chain, which is present in almost every town across the nation. Among the largest grocery chains in the world, Kroger is in second place with 2,778 stores in 78 countries.

The livelihoods of almost 400 thousand individuals are predicated on it. This category includes about 1,300 petrol stations and 2,000 drugstores. A large corporation frequently needs to know what its customers want and need in order to function well. Consumers’ desires and requirements are dynamic, therefore it’s important to get their input often. A Kroger feedback survey feature was added to the website so that consumers may be informed of the company’s demands.

In response to the growing popularity of online shopping, Kroger and Microsoft have joined together to plan the future of food purchasing.

The number one goal of Kroger has always been to make grocery shopping easy and fast for their consumers. Shipping and receiving have been made easier by their years of collaboration with other businesses. Technology that allows customers of all abilities to shop at any Kroger store would be much appreciated.

Krogerfeedback - Official Kroger Feedback Survey


The Kroger chain of supermarkets conducts an annual customer satisfaction survey called Kroger Feedback as part of its commitment to offering customers the best shopping experience possible. Just by taking part in the survey and keeping track of your recent purchases, you may enter to win one of several monthly drawings for Kroger gift cards valued between $100 and $5,000.

Krogerfeedback FAQs

  • Question- Where is the Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey located?

Answer- Take part in the survey by visiting or

  • Question- In order to fill out this survey, what do I need?

Answer- Eligibility is based on a seven-day rolling total of purchases made at any Kroger or Kroger-managed store. Not only is the time and date of purchase crucial, but so is the entry ID.

  • Question- What do I need to know to take part, and where can I find it?

Answer- On the receipt, you can see the time, date, and entry ID.

  • Question- What is the minimum age requirement to participate?

Answer- Everyone must be at least 18 years old to take part.

  • Question- The purpose of this survey is to what end?

Answer- Participation in the poll might earn Kroger Rewards members fifty fuel points. Additionally, we will enter you into the draw for a $100 Kroger gift card. Kroger gift cards valued at $5,000 are up for grabs in their contest.

  • Question- Will putting more money into the sweepstakes improve my odds of winning?

Answer- No. Your odds of winning the sweepstakes will not improve just because you make a larger purchase.

  • Question- May I enter the contest an unlimited number of times?

Answer- You are welcome to come back several times. However, there is a restriction of one online entry per receipt.

  • Question- When will I find out if I won?

Answer- Regardless of whether you prefer email, phone, or snail mail, a Kroger representative will personally contact you.

  • Question- Is there just an online way to enter the sweepstakes?

Answer- Absolutely not! Submissions sent via mail are also welcome.

  • Question- Is it available to anybody?

Answer- Except for Kroger workers, officials, directors, and their families, members are free to invite anybody they like. No one living in the same residence as any of the aforementioned people may also apply to join.

  • Question- Can anyone use my gift card?

Answer- No one else except you has the knowledge to respond to that question. You are free to spend the gift card value as you choose, or to give it to someone else. Your actual identity will no longer be revealed by the card.

  • Question- Is the option to personalize available?

Answer- You may customize the gift card’s value to suit your preferences.

  • Question- Is there somewhere else I can utilize Kroger Pay?

Answer- Yes, a large number of Kroger consumers in the United States utilize Kroger Pay. Nevertheless, you may only use Kroger Pay in supermarkets and convenience stores that are either owned or controlled by Kroger.

  • Question- How secure are my payments and invoices? That is, if it is.

Answer- The official KrogerFeedback site safeguards your price information. Your CVV number is usually required before we can proceed with a payment.

  • Question- Is there a certain amount of time that my Kroger Family Gift tag will be valid?

Answer- Unfortunately, the answer is “no.” The KrogerFeedback card has already expired. A card will be terminated if it has not been used for at least 90 days without any savings.

  • Question- What is it that you prefer to conceal in the keep the most?

Answer- Food shopping is a popular pastime for most people due to its low cost and ease of usage.

  • Question- Do Kroger and Dillons differ in any way? or keep them apart?

Dillions is the name of the meal saver division of the Kroger company.

  • Question- There are a lot of stores like this one; what makes it different?

Answer- Kroger ranks second among U.S. supermarket chains.

  • Question- What is the online process for viewing my rewards balance?

Answer- An example of a valid test subject would be a Kroger Plus or Loyalty card.

  • Question- Do the things they buy at the grocery store represent their hopes and dreams?

Answer- In a word, yes. Please feel free to remark on both greetings and merchandise.

  • Question- Do you think there’s any risk in entering to win gift cards?

Answer- In a word, yes. Free entry is available for the grand prize, which consists of $5,000 in cash and one hundred $100 gift cards.

  • Question- How is the client carrier doing? 

Answer- When you’re at the checkout counter making your last product selection is when the self-provider option really shines.

  • Question- How frequently do you appreciate visiting the store?

Answer- In a word, yes. The ability to purchase items that are now in stock is fantastic and very handy.

  • Question- How has Kroger’s feedback changed recently compared to other grocery stores?

Answer- In a grocery shop, it’s hard to look at every single item and compare costs.

  • Question- Which store offers the best deals: Walmart, Target, or Kroger?

Answer- With a wide selection and affordable pricing, KrogerFeedback is the place to go.

  • Question- Is there much room for me to personalize the things I offer?

Answer- You have the option of either making a list and using the internet to place an order in advance, or you may go out and purchase whatever you require right now.

  • Question- I want to know what sets Kroger’s products apart from others.

Answer- Due to the fact that they have been inadequately stored for a considerable amount of time, these name-brand products are inexpensive and simple to locate.